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Our Services


Webb Bridge Animal Hospital is a full service small animal hospital. We offer wellness care for all life stages including in-house laboratory, digital radiology, ultrasound, and dentistry including digital dental radiology. Doctors Bondurant and Kennedy, and our entire staff, strive to treat your pets as if they were our own. We want to go through all the stages of your pet's life with you- from puppy/kitten to mature and geriatric pets.

Dr. Bondurant and Dr. Kennedy have been working together for over 10 years, and are both members of the American Veterinary Medical Association and Georgia Veterinary Medical Association. We have the latest equipment and technology including digital radiography, laser surgery, dental radiology, and cold laser therapy. Please come by to meet us and our staff!

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Services we offer include, but are not limited to:


Diagnostic Services 

Our hospital is equipped with cutting edge technology including ultrasound, digital radiology, laser surgery, in house laboratory, cold laser, digital dental radiology and a high speed dental unit. We utilize our in house lab equipment and several outside veterinary laboratories to quickly and accurately assess your pet's health.


Nutritional Products 

Webb Bridge Animal Hospital provides a complete pet nutritional consultation service, and we offer a complete line of prescription diets by both Science Diet and Royal Canin. All of our diets are backed by our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee.


Laser Surgery 

Our doctors use the laser almost exclusively for surgical procedures. A laser is a device that generates an intense beam of light at a specific wavelength. A CO2 laser uses an invisible beam of light that vaporizes the normal water found in the skin or other soft tissues. The veterinarian can control the laser and only removes a thin layer of tissue, leaving the surrounding area unaffected.

Using the laser instead of the traditional scalpel blade creates less pain because it seals the nerve endings as it cuts through the skin or tissue. There is also less blood loss as it seals the small vessels during surgery resulting in less bleeding, better precision, and possibly decreased duration of anesthesia. The laser does not crush, tear or bruise resulting is less surgical swelling.



Webb Bridge Animal Hospital offers digital radiography (x-rays), which provides quicker, clearer, and faster images than film x-ray. A digital x-ray is taken and processed in 4 seconds. Like a digital photo, a digital radiograph can be manipulated after it is taken allowing our team to highlight the image in ways that weren’t possible with film x-ray. We can also send these radiographs through the server to a board certified radiologist for a rapid consultation.


Cold Laser

We offer cold laser therapy as a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment aimed at decreasing inflammation due to conditions such as: arthritis, acute and chronic pain, back injuries, sprains and strains, inflammation and wound healing. It is extremely safe, no sedation required and it can be combined with other medications or treatments.


Dental Surgery 

We offer digital dental radiology, which give our doctors the ability to evaluate the health of the teeth by looking at the roots. If a tooth is fractured or abscessed so that it has to be extracted, we have a high speed dental unit which allows our doctors to section the tooth (if needed) with the dental drill in order to then extract the roots as safely as possible. During a dental extraction, the doctor will create a gingival (gum tissue) flap before removal and this will give them tissue to cover the hole created by the extraction.



A microchip may be the most important gift you ever give your pet. We offer HomeAgain microchips that are inserted with a simple injection, the HomeAgain microchip is designed to make sure it does not move.

Microchipping provides the peace of mind that you've given your pet the permanent, lifetime ID he/she needs for the best chance to make it home if they get separated from you. Visit the HomeAgain website to learn more.



Ultrasound allows our veterinarians to visualize and examine many body organs and systems, including the liver, gall bladder, spleen, kidney, pancreas and bladder. Sedation is rarely necessary unless an ultrasound-guided biopsy is being performed.


Vaccination Protocols

We customize our vaccination protocol based on your pet's lifestyle along with the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) vaccination guidelines.


Preventative Medicine

Webb Bridge Animal Hospital was established with the commitment to providing the finest health care to our patients. We do not take our clients trust for granted. Our skilled doctors and experienced staff of assistants, and support staff are dedicated to offering every pet and their owner with the utmost care and courtesy.

Preventative health care for pets is the easiest and best way to keep him or her happy and healthy. At Webb Bridge Animal Hospital, we provide thorough examinations for all of our patients in a warm and welcoming environment.

A compete exam includes:

  • Medical History
  • Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Examinations
  • Temperature, Pulse and Respiration
  • Cardiopulmonary (Heart and Lungs) Analysis
  • Check for Umbilical Hernias
  • Dental Exam
  • Dermatological (Skin) Exam
  • Testing for Parasites, Both Gastrointestinal and Circulatory
  • Nutritional Counseling